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My name is Emeline and I am a British Artist and Designer that likes to play with color and shapes. I like to share my paintings and prints so others can own a piece of happiness with my art that tells stories.

I created the brand Project M in 2010 to showcase my art and designs. You can now see my art licensed on a variety of products including fashion, home decor, tech accessories and even Italian wallpaper.

From an early age I have always been creative. As a child I was always encouraged to do crafts, sewing, knitting, painting and more. Growing up in a small village on the south coast of England it was a very sheltered innocent life. After art school and then a fashion degree I became a technical designer for a fashion house in London. Living in London was completely different to living in a small village. It was around this time that I started painting for myself. I would paint clean, bright, cheerful paintings that would refer to toys, games, candies and crafts. Looking back I now see that I was having a need to make happy fun things while getting used to living away from home for the first time. 

After a few fun and successful art shows within my own home with my sister under the brand name "Tate Sisters" we began exhibiting at many other venues across London including trendy bars, restaurants and bookshops. In 2005 I got married and moved to California. Due to immigration rules I could not work and so I had an excuse to be a full-time artist. I had the opportunity to participate in art shows including some in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. I was then commissioned to do a painting for a company in London. Due to personal circumstances I started the painting in Canada, finished and stretched it in Palm Springs and then shipped it to London. It was after this experience that I started playing with the idea of going digital and licensing my prints online.

When you look at my art you will see that it is very clean, bold and bright like an innocent carefree child. A lot of my artwork still refers to my own childhood, but now that I have two children I sometimes use and modify their innocent drawings as inspiration for my artwork. For my print work I like to use my original paintings or drawings as starting point and then I play with them digitally. I create fun minimal prints that you can see today on a variety of products. My prints may look simple, but there is a story and a long process behind each one. In 2014 we had a family tragedy and I used my art as my therapy for a while. It helped a lot to immerse myself in my digital prints. After a while I realized my color pallet had changed dramatically. During this period my artwork turned black and white. Thankfully color has started to return to my artwork.  I'm more aware of the importance of color and I now choose if I want to use black and white or not. 

One day I hope to be a gallery owner selling my own original paintings and products that I create. I have already had the opportunity to sell my paintings to a variety of clients and license my prints to several well known brands. I love to collaborate and license my artwork, prints and products. Wholesale prices of my products are available. If there is a particular painting or print you like, but you would like to personalize it, I would be very happy to accommodate.  Please contact me via my contact page or at hello@projectmgallery.com if you would like too work with me.

I love to share my bright vibrant paintings and prints that are playful and fun. These colorful statement pieces would be great for people with modern homes or that want something unique.  I sell paintings and prints inspired by my paintings or drawings that are inspired by things I did as a child or what my own children have created. I do commissions for private homes or corporate clients. Anything is possible these days, you only have to ask.